Monday, August 23, 2010

Current Event for August 24th

Read the August 21st, 2010 BBC article at the link below.  Then write your blog response as a comment to this post.  Don't forget to include the following in your comment:

3 sentence summary of the article
2-3 sentences of reflection
2 questions
1 prediction

Questions for reflection:
1.  How does U.S. aid to Pakistan compare to U.S. aid to Haiti earlier this year?

For more information on the impact of Pakistan's monsoon floods:


  1. In this article it explains to us that Pakistan just got one of the worst floods in history. According to them the US is not giving enough money. this can be debated because i do not think the US is in charge of every disaster that occurs in the world, yes they should help(since they are the most powerfull country) but not overgive. They also tell us that the people of Pakistan are being really mean to the US about this. As they said they dont have enough food and theire houses are flooded and some gone.

    What was the US reaction to this accusation?
    When is it going to make better?

    I do not think it is fair for them to accuse the US for not helping after the US gave 5 billion dollers per month to help the war in Afganistan

    Alexandra Zorn

  2. This article people in Pakistan are suffering after a huge flood leaving people without homes,food,money,supplies and hope. Some people are blaming the U.S for not helping as much as they wish instead of finding solution with their own government. Also people security in the "shelters" is not good, people are being shoot or blown up by bombs, families are being turn apart with all these problems.

    I think people should find solutions instead of being dependent on other countries. I also believe that the government should get organize and ask for help from other countries ONLY if they don't have enough resources to accomplish the safety of their people.

    1. Why doesn't the country come together and forget the war for some days or even larger amount of time and help each other?
    2. Why does the people complain against the Us instead on their own government?

    I think that someday people will realize that is their duty to find a solution.

  3. This article talks about the recent flood in Pakistan, and how Pakistanis are mad at the United States because they are "not donating/helping enough". People who live in Pakistan are going through bad times, they lost their homes and some even their families. Pakistanis say the government is not providing them enough help,for they are running out of food.

    The U.S.´s aid to Pakistan is different to the aid they gave to Haiti. Donations and help for Haiti were easier to give, since Haiti is closer to the U.S. than Pakistan. People in Pakistan say the U.S. is not helping them the way they could actually help, but everything that happens in the world is not the State´s responsibility. As Alexandra said, they can give, a lot, but they cannot mantain every country all the time.

    Why does Pakistan expect the U.S. to fix all of their problems?

    Why doesnt the Pakistani government try and help their country, by giving them places to stay while they help them rebuild their lost homes?

    I think that it will take a while for Pakistan to be able to re-build all damaged areas. As for now, I think they will continue to expect a lot from the U.S.

    Shany Freund

  4. There have been huge floods in Pakistan. A lot of people have lost their friends, relatives and homes also. The rising problem is that the anti-American sentiment has grown a lot because people feel that the U.S. especially is not giving them much help. The people in Pakistan feel that they are getting very little in return for the help that they give the U.S. in the war against terrorism.

    The people in Pakistan should wait a little longer because the U.S. has its financial problems so they should not expect the donations to come as fast as the disaster happens. It is very good that local businesses are helping the people without a home but the people should relax because I think help will arrive.

    When is the U.S. going to donate to help Pakistan?
    When is the violence in Pakistan going to end?

    I say that help will arrive sooner or later. The people that lost everything are going to get a home again, it may be a while but they will be able to build new ones.

  5. This article talks about how Pakistan just got a recent flood leaving lots of people with out money, houses, food and other resources. As a result of the flood Pakistanis have also lots their families as well as their home leaving them without a safe place to live. Pakistanis are extremely angry at the United States because they think that the US is not helping them enough while they are helping the US with the war against terrorism.

    I think that it is not the United State’s responsibility to help every country that is in need. They can help, but it is not their obligation. They can also ask for help from other countries, not necessary the US. Helping Haiti was easier because Haiti is really close to the United States. On the other hand, helping Pakistan is much harder because it is on the other side of the world. The Pakistani government should find a solution for this problem with out depending on the help from the US.

    Why do they have to depend on the help given by the United States and not from other countries?
    Why are they mad at the United States if its not their obligation to help?

    I think that they will continue to depend on the United States and get mad at them if they don’t receive more help.

  6. This article is about the huge flood in Pakistan. How the place has been destroied. About how many people have lost shelter, home, family, friends and many of their belongings. Its is also talking about how the people in Pakistan feel that they are not getting the amount of help they deserve from the U.S. Finally it is about the bombs, how people are still getting shot and bombs are still being thrown in such a crisis.

    I think people in Pakistan should be worried, but not blaiming other people or countries for not giving them enough help.Each country will help with what they can afford to. I think that they should be a bit more laid back, because eventually they will be over with this problem.

    Why doesnt the goverment take action?
    Will the bombing ever stop?

    I think that Pakistan will eventually get over it, and that the US will soon help them, with what they can afford. I think that everything will go back to normal soon.

    Paola Sol

  7. This article is mostly about Pakistais in need after a big flood leaving people without resources. Many people are blaming the United states for not helping them in their time of need. Also the social condition is not good, many families are suffering of dead family members, and bombs daily, and lack of food.

    I think that the Pakistan people should be more worried on solving the problem than blaming it on someone else such as the United States. I also think that the United States should help them and donate money to the cause, not on war.

    What will they do to solve the crisis?
    Why are they so dependent on their enemies(United States)?

    I think in a matter of time the crisis will calm down, but not anytime soon.

    Michael Derrick

  8. This article is talking about the how badly the people in Pakistan are suffering rigth now. They have a huge flood and bombs are still coming on. Young kids are loosing their parents, and their homes. Its also talknig about how people in Pakistan feel about none of the help the US is given, whern they desere it from their help with the war against terrorism.

    People is pAkistan should take it easy for a littlw while, the US has its own financial problems too, and they just need some time to fix it. They have to be patient because eventually it will all get better, maybe they wont have what they had before, but they will get help; eventually.

    Why is Pakistan only mad at the US? its not their obligation to help.
    Why arent they blaming their goverment?

    I predict that Pakistan will soon be normal again, and that help will arrive. The US will help with what it can afford, and Pakistan will have to get it over with.

  9. In this article we see how people in Pakistan got affected by the flood and their reaction towards it. They have no homes, food, family, and money. They are blaming the U.S of not being supportive in this situation, but they should actually try to help themselves. Also even though people are suffering for the flood at the same time many are being killed by bombs and getting shot.

    In my opinion they should try helping themselves and tell their government to help, instead of blaming the U.S. They should try being independent, and if they really need help, then they should ask for the help. The fist who should help the people is their government not other countries, even though others can help, in my opinion helping out Haiti was easier because it was closer to them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to help Pakistan.

    1. Why is the government of Pakistan so irresponsible, and don't help their people?

    2. Why do the citizens of Pakistan blame the U.S, when they should be blaming their own government?

    I think they don’t help their people, because they are trying to keep some money instead of helping them. Also, because they are trying for other countries to help them, instead of them taking action of their own problems. I think people blame the U.S because maybe they believe it’s an easier way to get out of the problem by blaming others, instead of their government. I believe this will become a big issue for a long time.

  10. The flood in Pakistan has let a lot of people without homes, family, and hope. The Pakistinians do not only blame the U.S, for not giving enough supplies but also their government because they are no distibuting the goods evenly and althoght the U.S. government says that help is on its way, they Pakistinians are still waiting.Nether the less, the country is suffering even more due to the bomb attackas that are killing lost of people and destroying many families.

    I think that the U.S. government needs to send more military to distribute the goods evenly and help the Pakistinians re-build their homes. I also think that the Pakistianian government also needs to take action and try to solve their on problems, not waiting for someone else to solve them.

    I wonder why the government is sending out bombs in this time of crisis?
    I wonder why there is such a problem in the distribution of food?

    I think that the U.S. will eventually help Pakistan get out of this crisis and the government will start to get action in this situation by their own hands.

    Carlos López

  11. This article is quite complex because it all depends on how you see it. The way I see it is that Pakistan is suffering a lot by this floods, aand their loosing their things, homes, and family. They have a right to be angry and frustrated bue I don´t think they should go against U.S for not giving them more money. U.S is one of the most wealthiest and powerful countries in the world and they are helping Pakistan a lot and giving them aid. But, I don´t think that only them should help buit others countries as well. Pakistan is suffering a lot and need many help bue U.S should not be the only one giving them aid.

    I think U.S is giving a lot of help. Pakistan does have a right to be frustrated and angre beacuse they are in a very critical codition. But They should not only look at U.S and get angry at them for not giving more. They should ask for help to other countries. Even though U.S has a lot of money they cannot give it all away.

    1.What will happen if this goes on and Pakistan does not get the help they need?
    2.What will U.S do about it, if Pakistan keeps insisting for more money?

    My prediction is that if this goes on a war will start in Pakistan, but a war between them. They will be fighting against each other in order to get what they need to survive.

  12. The recent flood in Pakistan left the people destitute from many resources (like food, shelters, and books) and lost many friends and family. Even with this kind of situation, the government isn't taking any action and the people are expecting help from others too, especially the US. However, the Pakistani feel that the US is not giving them in return the favor of the help during the war against terrorism.

    The US's aid to Haiti was very different than the aid to Pakistan. Haiti received more help and resources while Pakistan is not being able to receive that much help. People might consider it unfair, but maybe at that time, the US had much more to give than right now. In my opinion, Pakistan has all the rights to be selfish and worried, but they should also think about the US's point of view. The US should also help them back as Pakistan did during the war agaisnt terrorism, but like many others say: it's not the US's responsability to be the country that others depend on.

    1. Why does Pakistan think that the US is responsable in helping them?

    2. Why does Pakistan complain about the US not helping them when their government is useless?

    I think that Pakistan will have to suffer a lot, but with the future help of the US and other countries they might recover soon.

  13. This article talks about a huge flood Pakistan had just undergone. This was a terrible flood, knowing that many people lost their homes, their families, food, and other resources. According to them the United States is not giving them enough money, and many other countries are not helping. The people in Pakistan are really angry, and they are blaming the US for not helping them. They are not only suffering because of the flood; bombing and shooting is also taking place in Pakistan.

    I think that Pakistan should ask for help, but not blame other countries for not helping because each country has its own problems and they can't always be helping other countries right away. The US's aid towards Pakistan is different fom the aid they gave to Haiti because Haiti was much closer so it was easier to help and Haiti was literally destroyed and they had nothing. I think that Haiti's problem was worse than Pakistan's, and maybe right now the US is having more problems than they had at the beginning of the year.

    When is the bombing and shooting in Pakistan going to end?
    Why is Pakistan so mad at the US if there has to be a reason why they can't help them right now?

    I think that the US is somehow going to help them very soon, maybe they won't be able to give everything Pakistan wants, but they will at least help.

  14. In summary, this article talks about how Pakistan has just experienced a flood that has devastated everyone in the country. Streets are lined with tents where people are temporarily living, and some dying. The state of Pakistan is not a nice one since it has also undergone many bombings in the ongoing war against Terror.

    I think that Pakistanis are reacting to the U.S. in a rude way because they are under pressure and believe that the U.S. can do more. Unfortunately, I think they do not acknowledge the help the United States gives to the United Nations, which helps countries in need like Pakistan. I also think that countries around the world should help Pakistan more with shelters and medicine in the current time.

    Why can't there ever be peace with the country who may help you?
    Why do so many innocent people die?

    I predict that Pakistanis will receive help soon, and that everything will return to its original state. I also predict that Pakistanis will embrace their help a lot more in this time of need.

    Maria-Jose Alvarez

  15. The article refers to the recent flood that has left many families homeless and with very little amounts of resources.They think it's not fair at all the amount of money the U.S. Is providing them,since Pakistan was there for the U.S. when the U.S. needed them.

    I understand that they are going though difficult times,but their government should begin to find a solution to the problem. The U.S. can't take care of everything that happens,but in fact they are helping,I know maybe that's no the amount Pakistani are looking for , in my opinion,they should be thankful for it because it's better to have some rather than to have nothing.

    Why not try to find solutions to their problems?
    When will it start to get better?

    If other countries help,the government starts to take more responsability and becomes more independent,then maybe they might get though this in a shorter amount of time.even though maybe it will take quite a while to repair the damage caused by the flood.

  16. There has been a big flood in Pakistan. Many people have been left with nothing. The floods have taken away all their belongings, their houses and even their families. They have been left in the streets with nothing to eat and no shelter. This has caused them anger. Some are saying that their government is not doing their job and have not helped them. Others blame the US and say that since they have helped them with the war in Afghanistan the US should now help them with this by giving donations.

    I think people should be patient. I know they are suffering but help will come to them. They have the right to be angry but they should see were they can get help. I also believe that the government should take action and help all this people. They can also ask for help to other countries.

    Why doesn't the government take action and try to help these people, even if they ask for help to other countries?
    Will the violence end any time soon?

    I think that the US will try to help Pakistan in any way they can. Also that violence will continue but then they will get aid and it will diminish.