Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to Escuela's Honors World History Blog

The purpose of the current events blog is for you to read, question and reflect upon current events and discuss them with other students in your section.  What’s so important about Current Events?  Current events are the making of history – right now!  You can’t understand how history impacts us today unless you know what’s happening right now!!  Being aware of current events also makes you a more educated person – stun your parents and friends with knowledge of what’s going on around the world!

The weekly current events blog reflections will be on a variety of current events topics from many different news sources.  Sometimes you will be asked to read and respond to an article.  Sometimes you will be asked to find an article yourself and write a response.  You are encouraged to respond to other student’s blog posts in your post (please do so respectfully). Weekly blog assignments will always be posted by Monday morning and all posts are due before class on Fridays so that we can discuss them.  Each blog post is worth 10 points or 10% of your grade.

Reflections and responses to the discussion questions will be graded as follows:

____/ 3 points        3 sentences, summary
____/3 points        2-3 sentences, meaningful reflection
____/2 points         2 questions you have about the article, author, or event.
____/1    point        1 sentence, prediction of what you think will happen next
____/1 point        Proper grammar and writing mechanics

Extra Credit
If you find an interesting article on a topic that you wish to share with your classmates, you may always post that article for 1 extra credit point IN ADDITION TO your required blog post for the week.  When posting this article please also reflect upon the article using the same format you do for the weekly blog posts.  Up to 10 extra credit points may be earned per quarter.

Possible Reflection Responses

a. Likes and dislikes.  Something you like or dislike about the text.  “I think…”

b. Questions that pop into your mind about the content, characters, vocabulary, or intent of the author. “I wonder…”

c. Connections you make between the:
- text and your own life
- text and another text
- text and events in the world.
     “This reminds me of…”

d. Emotions.  Something in the text that brings up an emotion.  Does the text make you feel scared, angry, joyful, confused? “I feel…”

Final note:
You must have a professionally named google e-mail account to participate in the blog.  To create a google e-mail account go to and select “create an account.”  When creating an account use a version of your name as the e-mail address title (not a nickname or joke)


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